Carni Flora PDX has been sharing their addiction of carnivorous plants with the Portland area since 2005.  The business started when Phaedra wanted to add more pitcher plants to her bogs.  She went looking at the local nurseries but she couldn’t find a diverse selection. She contacted an ex co-worker of hers from Seattle who has been hybridizing pitcher plants for more than decade to add to her collection.  Her ex co-worker, Jerry Addington had more plants than he knew what do with so she suggested taking some of his plants to Portland and see if any of the local nurseries would be interested.  They were and Carni Flora PDX was born.  For the last decade Carni Flora PDX has been creating and growing carnivorous plants and selling them to local nurseries.  Because of high demand for these lovely plants, Phaedra decided she wanted to have a central location where our clients could always find our plants.  She set up a booth at the Oregon Flower Growers last June. This market is open 6 days a week.  To become a member go to pdxflowermarket.com.  If you do live in the Portland please contact us carniflora.pdx@gmail.com.

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  1. We have questions about what to feed the plants we have purchased, cutting them back after going through the winter, etc. Do you have a phone number or something so we will know how to better care for these plants.


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